I grew up watching football with my family. As a teenager, I became more interested in the sport because of, well, boys! In addition, it gave me and my father something to look forward to during our leisurely Sundays. I quickly picked up on the lingo, positions and stats. And then I moved to college and I couldn’t afford cable. I also wasn’t into college football. Needless to say, the last football game I watched was when MY Atlanta Falcons blew a 17 point lead against… well, you know the rest! #SuperBowlLI

I was excited when I got the opportunity to photograph my first NFL game. The Chicago Bears were taking on the Carolina Panthers at Soldier Field. I hadn’t photographed a football game since my junior year of college so, I was going to be a little rusty.  But, once you learn how to do something, you usually don’t forget.

The rain that was predicted to fall didn’t start until the last seconds of the fourth quarter. And to top it off, a fan decided to run on the field shirtless. Talk about excitement! All in all, it turned out well. Here are my images. (All photos copyright Chicago Tribune 2017)

A trip around the sun by a transplant living in Chicago

A round up of a few images that I made during my first year at the Chicago Tribune. 

Fun in the Sun

A few weeks ago (or a month, whose counting?), I assisted a photographer as she and a reporter sought to capture the vibe/crowd of one of Chicago’s most popular beaches. While helping the photographer light the portraits, I also snagged time to shoot some b-roll. I decided to throw something together, as an ode to a great summer. Cheers to warm weather and having extra time to spare!